Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sunday Sharing: Using Google Drive to program ANYWHERE!!

Hello Everyone! I bet you are all planning for your week ahead! If you're anything like me, you like to be organised and know exactly what is happening during the week... or maybe you're actually really like me and try to relax each weekend to recharge for the week ahead! Whichever type you may be, I have something great to share with you all today! 

Firstly, I found this great cheat sheet guide to using google drive, you can click on the picture below to find the link !

I use google drive to do all my programming in using google docs and slides. It is perfect for me as I can access my program ANYWHERE! even on holidays in the Bahamas ;) 

Here is what my drive looks like when I open it :) It is exactly like having an external hard drive, except it's all online or accessed via the google drive app, so I am never pulling my hair out thinking I had left my life at home ;) 

Within my 2016 folder, I have each subject set up with its own folder!
 Then, each week..

Here is what it looks like down to the weekly level...
Then I can open my document to work on my planning, or to review/put in assessment details etc. Click on the above picture to see what my maths program looks like. As you can see, my weekly program is in two parts as we cover two different parts of the syllabus each week.  

Have you moved into digital programming yet? Do you have any questions about google drive? Let me know in the comments :) Happy Sunday!