Monday, 29 June 2015

Dare to Dream #TPTSellerChallenge Week 2

I am quickly catching up in this amazing TPT Seller Challenge, I've already had some great response towards my Makeover Madness Challenge, so I am excited that week 2 challenge is here! 

This week is all about my hopes and dreams for my TPT Business!! I started my TPT business back in 2012 but I haven't really given much of my time or effort since. I am looking to start building my business so that I can use the money for my CLIPART ADDICTION ;) and of course other important things...

Here are my dreams for my business..

My dreams for my TPT business are BE CREATIVE...SHARE & COLLABORATE... NETWORK WITH OTHER TEACHERS... (which I am sure will change over time)

I love that TPT is a creative outlet that allows for complete individual creativity (that other people can actually use and love)! TPT, at the moment for me, is all about being creative and creating things for other people that they will love and enjoy! Creating with TPT allows me to use ALL of my CLIPART that i NEED to buy.. hehe which kind of gives me an excuse to buy more! ha! 

I love the sense of community that TPT brings when sharing and collaborating with other teachers, and of course networking with the other teachers too! My little TPT business is only just getting onto its feet (baby steps) but my dreams will eventually get there! Thats why I am loving this little challenge! I have written two blog posts in two days PLUS completely redecorated my TPT store! Couldn't be more proud! Thanks TPT seller Challenge! 

Makeover Madness #TPTSellerChallenge Week 1

While browsing Instagram yesterday and scouting for new friends to follow, I came across this great TPT Seller Challenge. I have been contemplating a lot lately on how to grow my Bloglovin', TPT, and Facebook stats as Instagram and Pinterest do quite well. Although I am late in joining, I am excited to see how I can build up my friends in those needed areas. 
As you can see below, my main communication with other teachers is through Instagram and Pinterest! I personally think teachers LOVE visuals ;) hehe but the others as you can see are quite neglected.... but it is definitely something I want to work on :) 

Challenge 1

Makeover Madness!

Week 1's Challenge was to 'make over' an old product! I visited my little store and things were just not looking right! So guess what?! My TPT had a complete makeover.. like one of those reality tv shows where the lady goes away, loses 30kg, has a complete makeover, and when she returns... EVERYONE cries! Thats literally how I felt! haha.... I can hear you cheering me on right... Well I DID IT!! My TPT had a complete MAKEOVER! talk about Madness... but i am so happy with the results! 

The first thing I did was put my super cute store heading picture in that now links you back to my blog :) Pretty Proud of this already!

Next, I made super cute cover buttons for all of my products!! I am so happy with my store now, it has given me some much needed motivation to create some new products!! Go and check it out, I DARE you! ;) Below you can see the sort of thing that I created for all of my products! Don't they look great! Click on the link below to visit my new STORE :) Plus everything is now FREE!!! YES FREE!!! Thank you TPT Seller Challenge and look out World Wide Web, as I think Miss SmartiePants is BACK!! Yippee!

I can't wait to create some new Miss Smartie Pants Goodness to share with you all!!! Hope you all enjoy :)