Monday, 29 June 2015

Makeover Madness #TPTSellerChallenge Week 1

While browsing Instagram yesterday and scouting for new friends to follow, I came across this great TPT Seller Challenge. I have been contemplating a lot lately on how to grow my Bloglovin', TPT, and Facebook stats as Instagram and Pinterest do quite well. Although I am late in joining, I am excited to see how I can build up my friends in those needed areas. 
As you can see below, my main communication with other teachers is through Instagram and Pinterest! I personally think teachers LOVE visuals ;) hehe but the others as you can see are quite neglected.... but it is definitely something I want to work on :) 

Challenge 1

Makeover Madness!

Week 1's Challenge was to 'make over' an old product! I visited my little store and things were just not looking right! So guess what?! My TPT had a complete makeover.. like one of those reality tv shows where the lady goes away, loses 30kg, has a complete makeover, and when she returns... EVERYONE cries! Thats literally how I felt! haha.... I can hear you cheering me on right... Well I DID IT!! My TPT had a complete MAKEOVER! talk about Madness... but i am so happy with the results! 

The first thing I did was put my super cute store heading picture in that now links you back to my blog :) Pretty Proud of this already!

Next, I made super cute cover buttons for all of my products!! I am so happy with my store now, it has given me some much needed motivation to create some new products!! Go and check it out, I DARE you! ;) Below you can see the sort of thing that I created for all of my products! Don't they look great! Click on the link below to visit my new STORE :) Plus everything is now FREE!!! YES FREE!!! Thank you TPT Seller Challenge and look out World Wide Web, as I think Miss SmartiePants is BACK!! Yippee!

I can't wait to create some new Miss Smartie Pants Goodness to share with you all!!! Hope you all enjoy :) 


  1. I love your store! So cute & you have some great products! Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Lulu Special Ed

    1. Thank you Laura :) I am off to follow you on bloglovin' now :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am off to follow you on bloglovin' now :)

  3. Your store makeover looks FANTASTIC!!! I love how you have branded your products with a similar look. Great changes! :)

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm