Monday, 9 March 2015

Understanding children with behaviour disorders <3

It wasn't until a colleague of mine broke down in an afternoon debrief, discussing a child's behaviour in the playground that I realised that teaching can be a very "tough" job! Teachers are the key caregivers in the lives of children. 

It does not help when a principal/colleague noted 'Did you know what your child did in the playground today?' - I'm sure at some stage we can all relate to one of these comments....

When a child's behaviour is disruptive in any area, staff should take the approach that it is a whole school issue, not just the class teachers concern. 

The only effective way to develop positive behaviour management across a school is in the context of a whole-school approach where colleagues support is the norm!!

Whenever a student's behaviour profile is significantly at-risk for learning and behaviour, such information is shared and processes are set in place. This process is based around collegial support and acknowledgment that this support is a normative, not a favour to any one teacher.. 

Who has that little cherub in your class that you can relate to? 

Happy Monday 😃

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