Monday, 9 March 2015

Understanding children with behaviour disorders <3

It wasn't until a colleague of mine broke down in an afternoon debrief, discussing a child's behaviour in the playground that I realised that teaching can be a very "tough" job! Teachers are the key caregivers in the lives of children. 

It does not help when a principal/colleague noted 'Did you know what your child did in the playground today?' - I'm sure at some stage we can all relate to one of these comments....

When a child's behaviour is disruptive in any area, staff should take the approach that it is a whole school issue, not just the class teachers concern. 

The only effective way to develop positive behaviour management across a school is in the context of a whole-school approach where colleagues support is the norm!!

Whenever a student's behaviour profile is significantly at-risk for learning and behaviour, such information is shared and processes are set in place. This process is based around collegial support and acknowledgment that this support is a normative, not a favour to any one teacher.. 

Who has that little cherub in your class that you can relate to? 

Happy Monday 😃

Friday, 6 March 2015

A quick tour with Miss Smartie Pants <3

Hello friends... 

Term 1 is quickly passing us by and we have been super busy in our classroom! We have lots of fun things to share with you this year, but first, a quick classroom tour with Miss Smartie Pants...

When we arrived at school this morning, the first thing we needed to do was check if there was any mail for us.. I don't think the posty has been yet, it must be too early on a Friday morning for mail...

Next on the to do list is turning on all of the computers and checking all of our emails.. Goodness me... Lots to catch up on before the day starts today! 

There were so many emails Miss Smartie Pants decided to take a little nap before the day began.. Hmmm might be a good time to choose a book to read...

Next, Miss Smartie Pants had a close call in the reading corner... She was almost somebody elses breakfast!! eeeekkkk!! 

Luckily, she just escaped the sharp, scary teeth, and found her way around the classroom library! ooooo look at all of these books to choose from! 

After choosing the story for today, Miss Smartie Pants wrote up the learning focus for the day... 

Next it was time to make sure of all of the needed learning equipment was ready for the day, the pencils are sharp too! 

Finally, just before the children arrived at school, Miss Smartie Pants put up the computer shortcuts for the children to refer to... What a big day already it has been...! 

We hope you have had a great day today too! 

Happy Weekend!