Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Top 10 tips for success in Special Ed

Hello friends! I am currently enjoying my term 3 holidays and busily preparing for my wedding day in just 2 days!! Did I just hear you all squeal with excitement!! My hubby to be and I are beyond excited and we cannot wait for our big special day! 

Amoungst all of the craziness here I thought I'd share my top tips for success in your Special Education classroom! Sooooo here goes..
1. Self Care- It is number one for a reason friends.. YOU NEED to look after yourselves! If you're not 100% neither will your cherubs be. Find a favourite calming thing to do, colouring in, playing music, going for a walk, etc etc. Find whatever works for you! Be the best YOU that you can be!

2. Unconditional Love- We've all had those bad days right? of course we have! The biggest part of our day to day business is to show children that no matter what, we unconditionally love and care for them because some days, lets face it, they will test the boundaries of our love in the most unloving ways, but the only solution to this is MORE LOVE!!! The tougher the day, the MORE LOVE that is needed... you all think I'm crazy right.... try it, then all me crazy ;) 

3. Relationships... Relationships... Relationships- I cannot stress the importance of this one! Is there that one teacher at your school who just seems to 'get' the kids? when they ask any of the kids to do something, they just do it without question, but when you or any other teacher asks you brace for world war 3? Do you want to know their secret? RELATIONSHIPS!! Don't tell anyone (or tell everyone) because this is seriously a magic key to success! If you take the time to get to know the kids, find out what their interests are, find out who their family is etc you will develop a magically heart felt positive relationship. Not only will it help you in your classroom but it will create a positive role model of how to treat others in their lives! Cool Huh! 

4. Work as a team- In most Special Education settings we are lucky to have the support of Teacher's Aides, or at my school SLSO. It is super important to value this person in your classroom! They are a big part of your classrooms day to day running. Once you approach the daily tasks as a team everyone will be happy, the kids see a solid, united front of support for them, and your teacher's aide feels valued and supported!! Win..Win!!

5. Build on each strength- "Together we have it all" Each child and adult will bring some different strengths to your classroom. CELEBRATE these!!! In our classroom we know that so and so is really good at maths, but thats great because I am really great at spelling! We can't all be the best at everything and it is so good to know each others strengths so the children know that they can ask so and so for help with maths etc. It builds on excellent collegial classroom and works wonders!!

6. Appreciate all of the positives- Sometimes you will have a bad day... Its bound to happen but take time to appreciate all of the positives, share them during your circle time with your kids! Share them at staff meetings and around the lunch table, this will help build a positive perspective lens for others looking into your classroom. Thank the children for all of their hard work and everything they put in to each day for you, and appreciate them! :)

7. Daily debrief- This is so important in our line of work. It is so important to remember to debrief at the end of each day so you don't take 'school stuff' home. Even if it is a excellent day, it is great to share the success and positives from the day. If you're not lucky enough to have a scheduled daily debrief as a team, find a teaching buddy and check in with each other every day. It will make a big difference! 

8. Celebrate your successes- Were all so busy we sometimes forget to celebrate your success! The cherubs I get in my support class have often been disengaged with school for quite some time, I always remember the journey an the celebration of success for each child, that keeps me fresh and its why I love my job so much! Although the children are often the ones making the change, teachers need to take some credit and celebrate this success!

9. Build on your professional repertoire- Everything is always changing so it is super important to stay up to date with the current research. Your daily teaching and learning should be based on best practice, which always changes. It is so important to always read new information, about how the brain works, what courses these behaviours, why is this happening.. There are so many starting points for professional reading that will not only benefit you, but also your entire classroom! If you would like some recommendation, let me know in the comments :) 

10. Enjoy! It truely is the best job in the universe! This should of been number one... Enjoy every moment, because learning knows no boundaries!
What tips can you add? 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The school bell has gone... Term 3 has begun! ;)

Hello Friends! Welcome back to Term 3, Week 1!! 

I was super excited to return to school this week! I bet all of my fellow Australian NSW teachers were the same! It's always nice to have a holiday but it is always nice to be back into the swing of things! This term were trialling a new Behaviour Strategy that involves computer time as 'free choice time'. I made these cute stop signs to blue tac onto my computer screens as a visual support to help remind students to not use the computers until they had finished their 5 activities!
I brought these 'admit one' tickets from Office works, which have so far been a huge hit in the classroom! It has been a great incentive so far! 
When the cherubs arrived into the classroom on the first day they though that something was wrong with the computers ;) but as I explained what they were for, my students were excited for the challenge! 

I have had a few requests to share how I set my iPads up! So I remembered to finally take a photo of my set up! I brought this clear 5 tier shelf from Office works! Each of our iPads has its own shelf, as you can see when we get more, they will of course fit too ;) Wishful thinking? ;) I love that this shelf is so easy to move around and contains everything we may need. When I need to charge them, I leave them on their shelves, run the cord outside the case and onto a multi adapter charger (Which I forgot to take a photo of) but this really works for me!! :) 

Inside each pouch is an iPad mini, a charger cord, and a stylus pen, so we always have everything that we need, all in one place! 

I love my Belkin Stand too! Its such a great support to multitasking and working in the classroom! & I love my super cute headphones too! ;) 

Stay tuned for further iPad tips and tricks in the classroom! I am excited to share my technology journey with you all! :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Make your Masterpiece #TpTsellerchallenge Week 3

WOW! It is already week 3 of the #TpTsellerchallenge! This has been so much fun! This week we were challenged to create a NEW resource! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! mine has been in the pipelines for a little while, I just needed the motivation to finish it off! 

This week I have been working on my I Can Statements for Writing with the Earth Science theme 'Outter Space!' I just love this product for keeping my cherubs in check with their writing and moving to the next cluster. 

This little FREEBIE is in my store now, go and download your copy now :)

Hope you love it just as much as I do! :) 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Dare to Dream #TPTSellerChallenge Week 2

I am quickly catching up in this amazing TPT Seller Challenge, I've already had some great response towards my Makeover Madness Challenge, so I am excited that week 2 challenge is here! 

This week is all about my hopes and dreams for my TPT Business!! I started my TPT business back in 2012 but I haven't really given much of my time or effort since. I am looking to start building my business so that I can use the money for my CLIPART ADDICTION ;) and of course other important things...

Here are my dreams for my business..

My dreams for my TPT business are BE CREATIVE...SHARE & COLLABORATE... NETWORK WITH OTHER TEACHERS... (which I am sure will change over time)

I love that TPT is a creative outlet that allows for complete individual creativity (that other people can actually use and love)! TPT, at the moment for me, is all about being creative and creating things for other people that they will love and enjoy! Creating with TPT allows me to use ALL of my CLIPART that i NEED to buy.. hehe which kind of gives me an excuse to buy more! ha! 

I love the sense of community that TPT brings when sharing and collaborating with other teachers, and of course networking with the other teachers too! My little TPT business is only just getting onto its feet (baby steps) but my dreams will eventually get there! Thats why I am loving this little challenge! I have written two blog posts in two days PLUS completely redecorated my TPT store! Couldn't be more proud! Thanks TPT seller Challenge! 

Makeover Madness #TPTSellerChallenge Week 1

While browsing Instagram yesterday and scouting for new friends to follow, I came across this great TPT Seller Challenge. I have been contemplating a lot lately on how to grow my Bloglovin', TPT, and Facebook stats as Instagram and Pinterest do quite well. Although I am late in joining, I am excited to see how I can build up my friends in those needed areas. 
As you can see below, my main communication with other teachers is through Instagram and Pinterest! I personally think teachers LOVE visuals ;) hehe but the others as you can see are quite neglected.... but it is definitely something I want to work on :) 

Challenge 1

Makeover Madness!

Week 1's Challenge was to 'make over' an old product! I visited my little store and things were just not looking right! So guess what?! My TPT had a complete makeover.. like one of those reality tv shows where the lady goes away, loses 30kg, has a complete makeover, and when she returns... EVERYONE cries! Thats literally how I felt! haha.... I can hear you cheering me on right... Well I DID IT!! My TPT had a complete MAKEOVER! talk about Madness... but i am so happy with the results! 

The first thing I did was put my super cute store heading picture in that now links you back to my blog :) Pretty Proud of this already!

Next, I made super cute cover buttons for all of my products!! I am so happy with my store now, it has given me some much needed motivation to create some new products!! Go and check it out, I DARE you! ;) Below you can see the sort of thing that I created for all of my products! Don't they look great! Click on the link below to visit my new STORE :) Plus everything is now FREE!!! YES FREE!!! Thank you TPT Seller Challenge and look out World Wide Web, as I think Miss SmartiePants is BACK!! Yippee!

I can't wait to create some new Miss Smartie Pants Goodness to share with you all!!! Hope you all enjoy :) 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Understanding children with behaviour disorders <3

It wasn't until a colleague of mine broke down in an afternoon debrief, discussing a child's behaviour in the playground that I realised that teaching can be a very "tough" job! Teachers are the key caregivers in the lives of children. 

It does not help when a principal/colleague noted 'Did you know what your child did in the playground today?' - I'm sure at some stage we can all relate to one of these comments....

When a child's behaviour is disruptive in any area, staff should take the approach that it is a whole school issue, not just the class teachers concern. 

The only effective way to develop positive behaviour management across a school is in the context of a whole-school approach where colleagues support is the norm!!

Whenever a student's behaviour profile is significantly at-risk for learning and behaviour, such information is shared and processes are set in place. This process is based around collegial support and acknowledgment that this support is a normative, not a favour to any one teacher.. 

Who has that little cherub in your class that you can relate to? 

Happy Monday 😃

Friday, 6 March 2015

A quick tour with Miss Smartie Pants <3

Hello friends... 

Term 1 is quickly passing us by and we have been super busy in our classroom! We have lots of fun things to share with you this year, but first, a quick classroom tour with Miss Smartie Pants...

When we arrived at school this morning, the first thing we needed to do was check if there was any mail for us.. I don't think the posty has been yet, it must be too early on a Friday morning for mail...

Next on the to do list is turning on all of the computers and checking all of our emails.. Goodness me... Lots to catch up on before the day starts today! 

There were so many emails Miss Smartie Pants decided to take a little nap before the day began.. Hmmm might be a good time to choose a book to read...

Next, Miss Smartie Pants had a close call in the reading corner... She was almost somebody elses breakfast!! eeeekkkk!! 

Luckily, she just escaped the sharp, scary teeth, and found her way around the classroom library! ooooo look at all of these books to choose from! 

After choosing the story for today, Miss Smartie Pants wrote up the learning focus for the day... 

Next it was time to make sure of all of the needed learning equipment was ready for the day, the pencils are sharp too! 

Finally, just before the children arrived at school, Miss Smartie Pants put up the computer shortcuts for the children to refer to... What a big day already it has been...! 

We hope you have had a great day today too! 

Happy Weekend! 

Friday, 30 January 2015

It's a makeover! :)

hellooooo friends! I know you will share my excitement of my blog makeover!!

It has all of my favourite things! I am hoping it will give me amazing motivation to get back into sharing my ideas with you all... (It was literally installed a minute ago AND it already has!) I blame it's super cuteness! Anyways I look forward to sharing my classroom with you all in twenty fifteen and beyond!