Thursday, 25 September 2014

Learning Objectives!

Research shows, the higher the expectations, the harder your cherubs will want to work to achieve those expectations and in time set their own learning expectations. This is a win, win...

In my classroom I have been focusing on the professional teaching standard that talks about explicit teaching.... which fits beautifully with high expectations!!! Another win win... so I have been working with my class to develop their understanding around learning objectives. We have a whole school program that has four levels and these are based on the continuum ideas.

The basic level - MUST - is a level that everyone can achieve by the end of the lesson. This is the learning objective that all children can meet.

The second level is - SHOULD - this is the next level that children should be aiming for.

The third level is - COULD - this is the next level that children could aim for, and finally

The fourth and final level - AIM HIGHER -  is that last level that children can aim to achieve.

So far we have workshopped reading objectives...

Race into reading... This is our display of the reading continuum... each has its own cluster attached and the children move their name along the race to achieve their very best! They love this theme and work hard to get to the cars with flames and the motorbikes!!

Here is our writing cluster display... Out in space theme!! Each sun, planet, moon has a different cluster on it for children to work in their rocket ships to writing OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! They love the puppy in his space outfit!

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