Sunday, 10 June 2012

Guess What! :)

Procedure Writing With 4/5!!

GUESS WHAT!!! I have four days left of my last prac before I am a REAL TEACHER!!! Can I hear you squeal in excitement?? Can you hear me squealing in excitement!! Hehe WOW! I have had such a fantastic time on my last practicum. I have 31 students that I teach for literacy. (My school is streamlining years 5/6 ready for highschool) With my literacy class we have been learning about procedures. HOW FUN!! We have made jelly, wrote revolting recipes and this week we are cooking pancakes. My favourite?? Well it would have to be following the procedure to making a paper crane. Don’t you think they turned out great?

My numeracy class is very full and has 33 gorgeous, bright students!! I’m always trying to challenge them! We have been learning about all sorts of things, but I think THEIR favourite lesson was on probability and data where we collected data on the most popular colour of Mentos lolly. After we had collected the data, there was a wonderful sugar buzz within the classroom, and the school! YUM!

My ‘home class’ is a smaller class of 27 year 4/5 students. This is where all of the fun begins. We have been doing reader’s theatre; my favourite lesson was ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’! My students loved it, and really expressed themselves and made the performance their own. We have also been doing the unit ‘making informed choices’. We had some fantastic wanted posters for our Australian Parliament members! How fun!! 

I am really enjoying my time on my class, and I really will be very sad in four days when its time to leave them, but I am also super excited for my new career to begin!! Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated !!

Kylie :)