Saturday, 18 August 2012

Don't Be an Angry Bird: Anger Management for kids!

WOW!! I was so excited to see this fantastic idea from Keri, at the home teacher (If you click on the picture above it will take you to her original post with all of the downloads)

In my new teaching position, working with students in a school for specific behaviour purposes, there is one thing that is very prominent: Cherubs learning to deal with their frustrations because of different reasons. When reading Keri's post about her 4 year old daughter, I can see some connections in my students at school. Some of the students are little angry 'chicks', they have angry faces, they use cutting words, they throw objects and sometime let their body out of control. I love how Keri's idea 'hatched' and I can't wait to use the Angry Birds as a way for teaching anger management to my students.

The background for Keri's technique is simple, she simply married up the behaviour with an Angry Bird. This way we are able to explain to our kids that feeling angry is completely normal, and teach them appropriate ways of dealing with frustration, and clearly define those behaviours that are unacceptable.

Here is Keri's Definition of each bird:

Here are some of the APPROPRIATE strategies that can then be put in place to help our children deal with anger. Give the children as many strategies as possible and then let them decide what works best for them. 

Of course there is endless possibilities with this idea, and you could come up with your own stories and teaching points :) 

Happy Teaching!!! :)