Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sharing Sunday !

Welcome to Sharing Sunday !

Hello blogging friends!!! We are on school holidays at the moment so I have had some extra time to find ideas via pinterest!!! Sooo.. I thought I would share my FAVOURITE three ideas from pinterest this week!!! Every week, on Sunday I will share some more of my favourite ideas !! Feel free to join in and share the love around! 

First up is Mr Potato Head!

I found Mr Potato Head over at Journey of a Substitute Teacher! You can find her by clicking on the picture above. I love her idea as I am a Student Teacher and can use him in the same way she is excited about! 

If the whole class is doing a great job, a piece gets added to Mr Potato Head, but if they are off task, a part comes off. As a student teacher, I could say that if we can complete Mr Potato Head, then we will have 15 minutes of free time or extra time on the computers at the end of the day, or something like that! How exciting!!! 

Second is this great idea for classroom organisation. (Sorry if this is your picture, feel free to let me know and I will happily give credit, there was no link with the pin! I hate that!! but here it is) 

I love this idea!! Do you have the trouble of when writing starts everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs their pencil sharpened, or worse they can't find a pencil? How fabulous is this idea!! When the pencils are blunt, the students place them in the 'please sharpen' tin, and can choose a sharpened pencil from the 'sharp' tin. Visually as a teacher, i can see when pencils need to be sharpened, and this could even be assigned as a student job! 

Thirdly, a fabulous idea from 3rd Grade Thoughts!! You can find her blog by clicking on the picture below! 

WOW!!! What a fabulous idea for a bathroom pass!! When the students need to use the bathroom, they move the pass to their desk and when they come back they can squirt some sanitizer into their hands to make sure germs don't spread around the classroom!!! You can even download a copy of her hand sanitizer bathroom passes!! I surely did!!! :) 

Thats it for this weeks Sharing Sunday!! Hope you all found these tricks as fabulous as I did!! Feel free to share your experiences or ideas below!! 

Happy Sunday!!

Kylie :)